Chi Deep Brilliance

Chi Deep Brilliance

CHI Deep Brilliance is a great line that was designed by hair stylists who are very experienced with working on highly textured hair. Many women of various ethnic backgrounds have very coarse hair that is constantly being damaged by chemical treatments and straightening processes. The CHI Deep Brilliance line is specifically made to protect and restore hair while locking in moisture and shine.

The CHI Deep Brilliance line includes two great shampoos and most women will want to keep both on hand as they each serve a different purpose and hair doesn’t always have the same needs when it comes to cleansing. The CHI Deep Brilliance Hydration Moisture Binding Shampoo is great for everyday hair care. It is made with a combination of silk and milk proteins that act to bind moisture to hair and leave it soft, silky and shiny. It combines cleansing with a gentle conditioning action that leaves hair tangle free. If you just had a chemical process such as a relaxer or color change, then the CHI Deep Brilliance Neutralizing Shampoo is a perfect choice. This product helps your hair return to its normal PH levels by removing all chemical residues and helping to maintain moisture.

When it comes to moisturizing, the experts designed some great products in this line. CHI Deep Brilliance has the two conditioners which complement each of the above shampoos; CHI Deep Brilliance Moisture Shine Treatment and CHI Deep Brilliance Yellow Buster Neutralizing Conditioner. The yellow buster helps remove the yellow residue commonly found after relaxing gray hair. They also have the CHI Deep Brilliance Reconstruct Deep Protein Reconstructor and CHI Deep Brilliance Silkeratin 17 Hair Fortifying Treatment. The deep protein reconstructor is enriched with proteins, amino acids, oils and vitamins to moisturize and strengthen chemically damaged hair. This product is designed to be applied and left on under heat to gain the best penetration. The  Silkeratin 17 Hair Fortifying Treatment is a deep penetrating keratin hair treatment designed to repair and nourish weak hair and also to lock in color. This product is also designed to be applied and left on under heat with the end result being stronger, shinier hair.

The CHI Deep Brilliance line also includes the CHI Deep Brilliance Glisten Polish which can be used on wet or dry hair and is sulfate and paraben-free. It is a great finishing gloss to perfect your style and add some extra shine. It can be used to define certain strands or to simply add a glossy luster over the entire hairstyle.
The line also includes the CHI Deep Brilliance Sensitive Scalp Relaxer and the CHI Deep Brilliance Hair and Scalp Protective Cream specially designed for those with sensitive skin. The soothing protective cream protects the scalp while you undergo chemical relaxers and help to lessen irritation.

When dealing with heavily textured hair, it’s important to utilize the best products available to maintain shine and elasticity that is commonly lost with all the stress hair is put through when being straightened and relaxed. The CHI Deep Brilliance line is filled with great products to help you baby your hair and keep it shiny, silky, healthy, and manageable.