Best Shampoo To Use

Often people are under the misconception that the type or brand of shampoo they use doesn’t really matter. If you want to get the best out of your hair then you need to realize that it does matter. Shampoos are made in different formulas for good reason. The type of shampoo that will best complement your hair is determined by several factors; the texture of your hair, the condition of your hair, and the manner in which you choose to style it.



Have your stylist help you determine exactly what texture your hair is. If your hair is coarse and dry and in need of more conditioning, then some sort of hydrating or smoothing shampoo may work best for you. Biolage has two wonderful choices. Their Ultra Hydrating shampoo or Rejuvenating shampoo are both great for bringing moisture and shine back to dull or dry hair. Goldwell has a Rich Repair shampoo that also works great for repairing dry, stressed hair. Kenra offers their Classic Moisturizing shampoo to improve manageability and moisturize. Most professional brands have a special formula for hair that requires a bit more than a simple cleanse. The key is finding the one that works best for you.

When I say the “condition” of your hair it can mean a lot of different things. Color treated hair often has special needs. Your new color can wash away and fade with the wrong shampoo choice. There are many shampoos on the market for color treated hair but not all of them are sulfate free. Sulfates and harsh chemical cleansers can strip your color. Biolage, KMS, Keratin Complex and Enjoy are just a few of the great brands out there to preserve your color and help your hair look its very best. Condition can also mean thin, dry, limp or curly. Each of these varying hair needs can be addressed and improved by the proper choice of shampoo. For example: Thin, limp hair does not need a moisturizing shampoo which will weigh it down and make it appear even more limp. Dry hair won’t respond well to harsh cleansing shampoos that are made for greasy or fine hair. Curly hair can be weighted down by heavy shampoos with conditioners. Your shampoo needs to fit the needs of your hair.

Your hairstyle can also determine the best shampoo for you as well. If you want sleek, shiny hair then grab one with a conditioning or moisturizing formula. There are many shampoos made specifically for the sleek, straight look. If you like some bounce and fullness you may want a volumizing shampoo to help give your hair that added boost. Ask your stylist for their shampoo recommendation and see if they have some samples for you to try. Don’t be afraid to switch it up a bit and keep trying different brands until you find your perfect fit. Personally, I like to keep a couple different types to suit the various styles that I use.